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Joe Satriani at Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, NJ 04.04.2016

Joe Satriani’s Surfing To Shockwave Tour made a stop in Red Bank, New Jersey at The Count Basie Theater. It had been some time since Satriani brought his solo tour through the area. His last time in the area was at the Beacon Theater in 2013. Fans packed into the near sold out show, which started shortly after 8:00 pm. Little did they know what they would be in for.

Joe Satriani kicked off his set with the title track from Shockwave Supernova, which was followed by one of his most well-known numbers Flying in a Blue Dream. This song really got the crowd going, as it was the start to a night of epic guitar playing. Flying in a Blue Dream took every fan in the crowd and brought them onto another planet, where we were able to witness the incredible guitar playing of Joe Satriani. Shortly thereafter, he played a phenomenal version of Crystal Planet. Satriani is backed by Bryan Beller (Bass), Marco Minnemann (Drums) and Mike Keneally (Guitar / Keyboards). Each one is a monster of their own craft. Mike Keneally is a truly unique musician as you’ll never see anyone else switch between Keys and Guitar like Keneally. His playing was effortless, yet amazing. He killed a piano solo in the second half of the show, which would make any musician jealous.

The night only seemed to get better and better as the second set began. That’s right, Satriani plays a long show. And that calls for an intermission, which is something you don’t see often in the biz. I don’t mind them at all – I would rather musicians take a quick break and come out fully recharged. Satriani took a 15 minute intermission and he earned every second of it. The second set was filled with more Satriani hits from his catalog, which surpasses 30 years. Some of those hits included Lost in a Memory, God Is Crying and If There Is No Heaven.

Just as the crowd thought the show had come to an end after 22 songs, Satriani came back out for an encore. For his encore, he sang on Big Bad Moon. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Joe sing a number and would not mind him singing on a few more songs. I know he is mostly recognized as an instrumental player, but he can sing! We also got to hear Surfing With the Alien.

If the Surfing To Shockwave Tour is rolling through you neighborhood this spring, do your best to catch it. After all, it’s been some time since Satriani’s last tour… so catch him while you can. Plus you don’t want to miss his unique futuristic melodic style of guitar playing, as he is the grand guitar wizard and mastermind.

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