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Jason Stetson – Leave it All to the Earth

Jason Stetson is a driven, passionate and charismatic song-writer and performer hailing from Denmark. His recently released debut album, “Leave it All to the Earth” has been produced independently by the artist himself, leading to a direct, intuitive and personal sounds. I am a big believer in the positivity that comes from artists taking control of their own productions: this means that they aren’t simply going to play on the record, but have a say in the sonic aesthetics of it, which are equally important.

“Leave it All to the Earth” is a collection of songs that showcase Jason’s diverse approach to songwriting and composition. The album kicks off with some incendiary drum riffs on “Heartbeat”, paving the way to some really great guitar riffs that echo the sound of guitar greats the likes of Joe Satriani, Marty Friedman or Steve Vai, just to mention but a few. Following song, “My Love to Kill” replaces the guitar virtuoso antics with a more immediate approach, thanks to Jason’s instinctive approach to vocals and earnest lyricism. “Angels Fall Down” is definitely one of my favourite tracks on the album. The upbeat tempo and the chunky rhythm riffs remind me of some of the Misfits’ later stuff (think American Psycho), but the sophisticated guitar leads bring the music to a whole new level, birding the gaps between raw energy and refined musicianship.

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