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Interview: Wildways

Music Existence had the opportunity to interview and learn more about the Russian metalcore quintet Wildways, formerly known as Sarah Where Is My Tea. Founded in 2009, Sarah Where Is My Tea achieved relative success around Russia and Europe, releasing a self titled EP and two albums. On advice from their then-manager Denis Stoff, the band changed their name and Wildways experienced a rebirth, catching the attention of metalcore fans throughout Europe and the U.S. ever since. The group recently signed with Artery Recordings and released their latest full length album Into The Wild on March 26th. Their music is diverse, combining elements of metalcore, hip-hop, and rock, then blending it into a fun, vibrant and extremely well-produced album.

First and foremost congratulations on the new album. Thank you for taking the time to have this interview with Music Existence.

Thanks for having us!

Knowing that Denis Stoff from Asking Alexandria suggested that you change your band’s name, what was it about “Wildways” that appealed to you?

Yes, the previous name was ”Sarah Where Is My Tea”, we decided to change it because of new style of music. And the name Wildways most characterizes us as a band.

After changing the name, do you feel it has impacted how your fans from your SWIMT days identify with you? Do you feel the energy on stage has changed now that you are Wildways?

Nah, our fans fully agreed with our decision, and support us as always!

What is your favorite song to perform for your audience?

It’s a hard question… I think ‘What You Feel’, ‘Slow Motion’ and ‘3 Seconds To Go’.

While creating Into The Wild, what was the inspiration behind ‘Faka Faka Yeah’?

Limp Bizkit, P.O.D., and Ill Niño

How does Wildways prep before a show?

Sing a ”unite” song all together, sometimes even dance (use as exercises).

What do you want your fans to walk away with after a Wildways concert?

I like your questions! With a pleasant feeling of satisfaction and new Wildways t-shirt on them!

What city are you guys looking forward to the most to perform at?

In San Diego, a lot of friends fans there! We loooove Cali so much!

Are there any artists you would like to collaborate with and why?

Tyler Carter from ISSUES and Garret Rapp from The Color Morale. Both are just amazing!

How was it to work with Cameron Mizell?

He is our brother, mentor, counselor, friend, pal, buddy… he is everything for us! Much love.

Where does Wildways see themselves 5 years from now?

Living in LA, touring to Canada, not married.

Any shout outs?

Today we released our new music video Princess’, go and check it out, hope you’ll like it! Stay awesome, and see y’all at shows! fk fk yeah!



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