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Album Review: Blaqk Audio – Material

Electronica duo, Blaqk Audio will be releasing their third album, Material on April 15th and it is an absolute must-have. The record consists of 11 engaging tracks composed by Blaqk Audio’s Jade Puget and Davey Havok best known for their internationally renowned rock band AFI. While lyrically dark, the musical composition on Material is vivid and diverse. The musicians have evolved yet again and have created an impressive album that illustrates the progress they’ve made since Blaqk Audio’s inception close to 15 years ago. To promote Material, Blaqk Audio will be embarking on a tour beginning on May 4th and will be hitting 14 different cities throughout North America.

The opening song ‘Waiting To Be Told’ is captivating from the get-go. The bass is powerful and rhythmic while Havok’s methodical vocal delivery is crisp and clear. At certain points his style for this song in particular is reminiscent of Pete Burns, singer of English pop band Dead or Alive. Havok is able to bring an exciting vibrancy to this song with eloquence.

The following track, ‘First To Love’ is a hypnotic hit that provokes an immediate need to dance. Puget has an innate ability to create perfect crescendos that, combined with Havok’s intonation, serve up powerful surges of great energy.

The tempo is kicked up a notch or two with track number five, ‘Curious Friends’. The drum machine is unrelenting while the synths and keys add another dynamic layer of effects. When Havok makes his entrance, the song transforms yet again and brings forth an assimilation to the futurepop genre.

Title track ‘Material’ shifts the momentum and plays out as a much more graceful number. The multiple tones that make up the drum beat of the song are exquisitely blended and executed. While obvious and ever present, they are not overbearing in the least. The song shuffles with the contrasts of one extreme to the other and Havok completes the song effortlessly.

‘You Will Hate Me’ is the ninth song and is yet another dance party tune from Material. The bass is remarkable and can only be appreciated loudly as headphones do not do this number justice. It is a song that has to be felt on the skin through loud and well-tuned speakers. I can easily picture a dancing crowd throwing inhibition to the wind until the sweat pours. Hopefully this song is on the setlist for the upcoming tour.

Material is an engrossing album that needs to be listened to loudly and uninterrupted; No ifs, ands, or buts. Make sure to check them out at:

Blaqk Audio Homepage

Blaqk Audio on Facebook

Preorder Material on iTunes

 Tour dates for Blaqk Audio are as follows:

Date         Venue                City

May 4 @ House of Blues in San Diego, CA

May 5 @ Observatory in Santa Ana, CA

May 6 @ Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA

May 7 @ Ace of Spades in Sacramento, CA

May 10 @ Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, OR

May 11 @ Croc in Seattle, WA

May 13 @ In The Venue in Salt Lake City, UT

May 14 @ Bluebird in Denver, CO

May 16 @ Turf Club in Saint Paul, MN

May 17 @ Bottom Lounge in Chicago, IL

May 18 @ Mod Club in Toronto, ON

May 20 @ Sinclair in Cambridge, MA

May 21 @ U Street Music Hall in Washington, DC

May 22 @ Bowery Ballroom in New York, NY


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