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Lost Souls on Broadway Release “Anthem for the Fallen”

Lost Souls on Broadway have recently released their debut album for “Anthem for the Fallen.” 14-tracks build up the impressive record, which will leave your ears ringing from start to finish. Their Alternative Rock approach is unique, and charms with a non-dated sound, that will draw an array of listeners into their world.  The brainchild of musicians, Mark Sarro and Matt Harrigan, the duo forge heard first into the record without skipping a beat.


Throughout the album there are many tracks that standout, in particular “Together in My Arms,” which boosts heavy hooks an a playful dose of bass and guitar foreplay. Elements such as this are carried throughout the record, being brought together by Sarro’s prominent vocal work.  Pieces such as “Best Day,” recall a glimpse into Alternative’s past while “Pieces,” displays stunning guitar work from Sarro.


“Together in My Arms” is brilliant and catchy right from the start; showing the true artistry of the band. The aesthetic of Lost Souls on Broadway brings several musical genres to the table from rock, blues, jazz and alternative; with a definitive edge and poetic approach when it comes to writing lyrics.


Together Lost Souls on Broadway create a record that is unique yet familiar, bringing a new life to nostalgia. “Anthem for the Fallen,” can be an anthem for us all.


Website: http://www.lostsoulsonbroadway.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lostsoulsonbroadway

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/lsonbroadway

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