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Japz Soul Top 4 song writing Tips

Tip 1 – Commit Time -Take time out of your busy schedule and devote time to create. It’s a wonderful thing. Commit the proper time an give it one hundred.

Tip 2 – Get Focused-Turn off all the lights of so you don’t get distracted by your surroundings easily. Turn phone off, lock doors, and eliminate distractions while you write.

Tip 3 – Feel The Beat -The beat you write to must be in direct alignment to your current emotional vibration. Other wise u faken the funk tryna force feelings . People will see straight threw that.

Tip 4 – Get Comfortable-Great song writing only happens when your comfortable great idea’s come to you more easily . Some people might take a sip to get comfortable , some smoke a square , some do yoga, what ever it is you do just get comfortable. Then zone out

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