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Dtox Dtreeman – “Live Life” ft Flee Jones

Live Life by DTox on #SoundCloud


Most rappers out there hide behind beats and marketing. This man just rides with it, rapping with emotion and skill while avoiding the hype. Again, his wordplay and rhyme structure separates him from rest of rappers in the business, so he doesn’t really need all the hype. Of course some people are going to overlook him because of this, but others will take him more seriously; simply because Dtox understands how to make a hip hop track.

“Live Life” featuring Flee Jones has everything that you expect to get from a classic track. And besides the production values, and ear-candy sounds, you get a lot of insight into where Dtox has been, where he is, and where he plans on going. You get clever punch lines, great story telling ability, and just plain, straight up rap skills.


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