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Music Sensation, JUSTINA.

JUSTINA, from Melbourne has had intensive musical experiences which led to solo performances in Singapore, Australia, Asia and UK, including before Ministers.

The music video is just a snippet of what her page contains. Like her page for more Music!

Make A Change

Just look at how much hurt there is in the world today. There's Brussels and France. And then recently, Pakistan. But that’s not all. Since only 2016 alone, many countries have suffered including Israel, Russia, Turkey, Indonesia, Somalia, and more. Let’s not forget the ones before 2016…We all have a common enemy and it’s about time we stand together to stand against it.Just because some of these countries do/did not appear in the media, does not mean it is not happening. I for one, stand to #makeachange. There’s no ’them’ when we’re all supporting the same thing. We are one and we should be supporting each other regardless of our nationality or ethnicity.Here is a song I wrote to show my support.My deepest love goes out to all those who are suffering, and those whose voices are not heard.Ps. On a different note, I just launched this music page and would love your support with LIKING my page if you like what you hear. Thanks for watching!

Posted by Justina on Monday, March 28, 2016

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