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Album Review: Me Like Bees – There Will Be Time

American indie-rock band Me Like Bees have an upcoming EP release, There Will Be Time. The EP will be out on April 8th and features four catchy tunes perfect for the upcoming warmer weather. These songs should be on any self-respecting spring/summer soundtrack due to their fun-natured musical composition. Me Like Bees was founded in 2009 in Joplin, Missouri and is comprised by Pete Burton on guitar and vocals, Luke Sheafer on vocals and guitar, Timothy Cote on drums, synths, and vocals, and Nick Bynum on bass and vocals. If you enjoy music from Modest Mouse and the vocal projections of those like singer Jack White, Me Like Bees is right up your alley. The album starts off with ‘Changes’ and it’s a head-first dive into the musical abilities of the quartet that is Me Like Bees. The music while slightly all over the place with pacing, remains pleasant and most importantly, entertaining. The rest of the EP just further exemplifies how versatile the band is.

‘Tundraland’ is the second track with a rather upbeat composition. It became the song that drove me to abuse the repeat button. The track builds on multiple layers of creative and catchy melodies and choruses. All of the vocal parts have a definite influence throughout and stand out in their respective moments without any hindrance.

Title track, ‘There Will Be Time’ is the number that pins its emphasis on Sheafer’s vocal delivery and ability to push the song with minimal instrumentalization from the rest of the band. The song uses the basics: a simple acoustic guitar riff and a rather hypnotizing drum rhythm in the background. The backup vocals are airy and soft, transporting this song to a whole other level of delightful mellowness.

Final track, ‘Hymns and Blues’ is quick-tempoed and skillfully composed with a rather simplistic approach. It’s a strong, fun song that makes you want to dance around a bit and its easy-going nature is endearing. Me Like Bees definitely know what they’re doing and it is reflected in this EP.

To learn more about Me Like Bees check them out at:

Me Like Bees Homepage

Me Like Bees on Facebook

There Will be Time on iTunes

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