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Nathan Mathes – Anajune Rival

Nathan Mathes – Anajune Rival

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Sometimes album titles come from the oddest places as we tend to connect in our head space more than one influence into our creative genius. Exactly the combo needed evidently for Nathan Mathes latest folk-indie-alt-rock album, Anajune Rival. A blend of things that maybe hold a deeper meaning is what it would seem for this album title. According to Nathan the title came from a anagram of his son’s name, and stated in Nathans bio, “part reference to some of the lyrical scribblings I’d created while watching one of my favorite television shows, Mad Men.” Ah, thank goodness for the telly and children. Just wait until the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches come forth or better yet, “Dad can I have the car keys?” Nathan you have a gold mine of album titles awaiting you with kids in the picture now.
Nathan Mathes is a true independent artist as he controls every element from beginning to end of his passion. Whether it is the writing- which is all Nathan style, recording Nathan way, or playing the multiple instruments he aspires to… it’s all Nathan mode. Really it creates a solid, dependable sound. It is not so much about control of a ship, but more about the control of the winds in the sails that set musicians and other artists down this course. A path that many dare not take, for fear of not being able to stay the course and ride out the enormous waves life throws are way. Here is Nathans next album, and it is all Nathan Mathes, the anagram/TV show titled work called, Anajune Rival.

Anajune Rival may not be Nathans “White Album” but it certainly holds its own as eleven tracks spin tight and in a manner accustomed to his persona. Nathan plays all the instruments and his ability to play so many is quite astounding, as you listen to how well he has mastered each of them. Every track lends itself to his notated design and clearly has his fingerprint stamped upon each, even though he did solicit the help of long time friend, Andy Thiele to work with on mixing and then over to his trusted comrade, Justin Perkins for final mastering at the Mystery Room Mastery.

In some ways an inspired album and in other ways an introspective work. Anajune Rival tells a story the only way a true singer-songwriter knows how, from life, lived, loved, and experienced. Not just any piece of songwriting delivered, but this born and bred Wisconsin folk-indie-alt and rock performer is honest in his work. Anajune Rival is soon to be among the hardcore album collections of this style of independence. As it lives and breathes this independent scene is the new wave of the 21st century, and why not? Musicians such as Nathan Mathes show it is more than just possible, it is done. Anajune Rival is a beautiful work of art.

Nathan Mathes works are not just limited to his albums he has released but also to the following: You can find Nathans music in independent films, national television shows, and national radio shows, with placements on TBS, MTV, HBO, VH1, PBS, NPR, Netflix, and more.

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