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EP Review. Brett Randell: Rise


Male singer/songwriters like Ed Sheeran are getting a lot of attention these days for their music. And it is well deserved. Continuing the trend of singer/songwriters like Sheeran and Jason Mraz, who bounce back and forth between quick worded tunes to more soulful ballads, Brett Randell’s EP Rise shows that he fits right in with his peers.

The album starts off with the leading, and best track on Rise, “The Waitress.” With a plucking guitar, that features throughout the track, Randell displays a snappy delivery with heaps of swagger that makes the tune extremely likeable and reminiscent of Kris Allen’s cover of Kanye West’s “Heartless.” Nobody can turn away from the hectic, fast paced, verbal delivery as it is entirely captivating. The lyrics, though they go by like a bullet being fired out of a gun, tell a beautiful story about searching and finding love. Read through the words to really get the full effect of the poetry that Randell brings such as “I came in for a cup of coffee and got a bigger buzz than any cup of coffee could have brought me/that’s when the waitress saw me and told me things that moved me more than anything she could have sold me.”

“Without You,” is a sweet and sorrowful ballad that in pace is very different from “The Waitress,” but it just goes to show the many different sides of Randell. It starts off very quiet but gets more soulful as the song continues and strikes a good balance between what listeners have already grown accustomed to hearing from Randell and something new. When he sings “I will never fall asleep again without you,” one can really feel the pain in Randell’s heart that only continues to unfold as the song progresses. There is still a great amount of punch and attitude in the song which makes “Without You,” more than just a simple ballad. In fact, it’s the best ballad on the EP.

The title track “Rise” is a great song for anyone who has ever felt lost. It has an anthem like quality to it, urging listeners to “rise above.” With strings added to the guitar, the instrumentation really captures the mood that Randell is going for. His energy is at full force here, putting every ounce of his emotions out for listeners to feel. The lyrics are some of Randell’s best such as “underneath my skin a river flows/the current holds both my heart and soul,” and really brings a signature visual aspect to the song which Randell excels at. This is perhaps the most radio friendly track on the entire LP, and one can already imagine this being played in a stadium while an audience sways along with lighters in hand. It’s the type of song that can really make a difference and have an impact on an audience and for that “Rise” is one of the most special songs to be found on the EP.

“Ghost” is the epitome of the type of visual music that Randell creates, painting a picture with every word. “The ghost of your love is caught in the motion/waves as they roll back in the sand,” Randell sings showcasing once again the strength in his writing. Lines like “winter will come to freeze the night sky/the cold can be cruel,” continue to help propel Randell as one of the finest poets the rest of the world needs to embrace with open arms. It’s a very relatable tune, which helps Randell create an even bigger bond with his audience as not only do his tracks become something that listeners can find a piece of themselves in, but elevates Randell as a man who feels what the everyman feels. The intimacy of “Ghost,” that Randell creates is something to marvel at and get lost in, quiet and yet powerful.

Perhaps the biggest change in pace, “Enigma,” sets up a sort of a fairytale type of story. The wailing strings, along with Randell’s vocals, bring a mysterious and darker tone to the song. Like the lyrics, the track has an elusive quality to it and like its name is much of an enigma. It is very different than anything else listeners have heard on the EP, making it stand out from just a typical ballad.

If you’re looking for a diverse record that will stir up emotions and capture your heart, give a listen to Rise and let Brett Randell weave some magic into your life.


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Compositions - 8.4
Brekaing Ground - 8.5
Engagement - 8.6
Lyrical Voice - 8.9
Production - 8.6


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