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Album Review: Safe, So Simple – Too Close To Closure

Safe, So Simple has a new EP, Too Close To Closure that will be released on March 11th. The Arizona quartet has created pop-punk music that resonates with the likes of Taking Back Sunday, New Found Glory, and Simple Plan. Members Derek Ausseresses on drums and percussion, Derrick Fenn vocals and guitar, Josh Striffolino on vocals and guitar and Benny Garcia on vocals and bass, have come together to bring this production to life.

The first track, ‘Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try’ has an upbeat tempo from beginning to end. The vocal arrangement offers a conversational quality amongst the three voices and the production and rhythm of this song make it sound like the lovechild of Blink 182 and Taking Back Sunday.

‘Teeth Like Sharks’ is the third track and it opens with a guitar riff leading into a smooth lyrical delivery that contrasts the heavy growling which immediately follows. While lyrically the song can be repetitive, the harmonies and breaks throughout are fun, allowing for the repetition to be dismissed.

Ending the EP is ‘Welp, Better Luck Next Time’ and it is the strongest song from the record. Passionately sung with instrumentalization that’s powerfully composed, all the parts are balanced and concise. The lyrics explain the story of a breakup, but the upbeat vibe of the song distracts from the nature of the content.

To learn more about Safe, So Simple check them out at:

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