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Robert Nash drops new album

Robert Nash drops new album

Website: http://robertnashmusic.com/

Spinning confessions and truth in a story-telling open dialogue of song, singer/songwriter Robert Nash of Sydney, Australia has brought his love for music in his full-length independent album, The Ghost of Your Old Love. Nash’s sound is completely uncomplicated, yet the lyrics are some of the most complex things we face when we are in love. Love such a euphoric mess that leaves us queasy one moment, elated in a drugged out delirium of happiness and the next in a funk of dreaded blues. Nash has taken all of these complexities of love and created an album that revels in those diverse emotions.

The album, opens with a defining simplistic message that tells a story well traveled in, “Arms Around the Moon” A cadence tune that brings back a flood of memories, always leaving the heart at times though as we know, love to be complicated is found in the title track: “The Ghost of Your Old Love” a treasure that beholds the true voice of Robert Nash’s vocals.

When Nash decided he wanted to take full reigns for creating his album he went to work on creating his own home recording studio. With this freedom to make his own music, his own way and in his own time, he then reached out to the musical community around the globe and brought in horns, strings, percussion along with his own variety of instrumental prowess. The Ghost of Your Old Love is really a communal album of sorts, that was driven by its creator, Robert Nash.

Vocally, Nash sets each track respectively, as the song “Fairground” incorporates the horns, and breathes an essence of a nuance from London town, really an emotive feeling. The simple strings recorded in St. Petersburg join the song, “I’m Not Letting Go,” this song is such a treasure of musical layering. “Just Passing Through,” is an acoustic heartfelt word in a truth-bearing vocal sonnet. With songs like, “Leaves Are Falling,” “Copenhagen,” the imagination can feel free to create its own picturesque interpretation of the music. The song, “Copenhagen” drum tracks were recorded in Los Angeles and not only support the flow but give it such structure. It would seem the strength of Nash’s complex abilities comes forth strongest in his unique narrative story-telling style of music. “Fragments of the Morning,” alone in its title is certainly descriptive enough to feel the breaking light upon one’s own skin and what it might mean to them metaphorically. Beautiful and gentle strings present the next song, “Laura” in a most genteel way. With a quicker more upbeat tempo, “London Winter Cold” sends shivers of cold foggy mornings and dawns quick get always with a lover. The culmination of Nash’s independent debut album, The Ghost of Your Old Love, compliments the title track and a specially created format lingers long after the notes and words silence themselves. the song spins a tale told in a stretch of time. This album is a magnificent work of art and shows Robert Nash’s ability to write songs with deep emotion. A complete work of global art has been brought together as Nash skillfully incorporated recorded musicians along with his guitars, mandolins, and percussion.

The Ghost of Your Old Love is a crescendo album about love. Never declining in its heartfelt emotions, the truth is laid bare for us to enjoy and interpret as we relate to Nash’s conception. Robert Nash masterfully brings all the characteristic together on his album, his way, and his components undoubtedly resonate his passion for words. One of today’s most promising lyricist in bringing a soft-spoken command about living and love to life.

Bandcamp: https://robertnash.bandcamp.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robertnashmusic

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