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Kanye Westís Next New Album Has A Title (coming this summer)

Kayne West has a new album dropping this summer. And here is what we know so far about it that he has tweeted on Twitter

He post this on twitter on Late last night (February 27, 2016)

What is Turbo Grafx 16?
Tubro Grafx 16 was a video game console that was released in France and Japan in the late 1980’s which at the time this game console was release Kanye was briefly living over in Japan. This could this possibly explain the reasoning for the name of this Album? Who knows with himÖ However, it could be maybe he will eventually tell us.
Some Features on Kaynes new Album might include; Tony Williams and Migos. This is just the word out of the street and has not yet been confirmed.
Source: http://www.audiospeakerworld.com/

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