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EP Review. Meagan Delima: Like You Do


Listeners will be in for a treat when they sit down to listen to Meagan Delima’s R&B/Soul EP Like You Do. It is a magnificent body of work from start to finish that really showcases Delima’s voice and talents as a singer.

The EP opens with the title track and it’s easy to see why this is the leading single. It’s slow and bluesy and has a throwback feeling to it. The song itself tells the story of a relationship in which the female feels like she is “on top of the world,” when she is with her lover. Delima’s voice is effortless even with all the runs. It doesn’t come off as showing off, but just someone who has a lot of musical gifts to share with the world. Polished and pitch perfect, “Like You Do” has a groove that will stick with listeners long after the first listen.

“Afraid to Fall” opens with a dark and dramatic piano and strings introduction that set the mood for the rest of the song which is about a romantic relationship that is tainted by a man who is a liar. “Just forget about his face,” Delima sings but it is clearly hard do as she repeats that the thing that is holding her back is that she’s “afraid to fall.” This is the type of track that lots of listeners will be able to relate to making the connection Delima has with her audience even stronger. “Afraid to Fall,” is dynamic with powerhouse vocals and is reminiscent of Adele’s “Skyfall.” Give this song a listen to and get lost in the spell that Delima casts.

Shifting gears slightly “Paradise” is the most radio friendly contemporary song on the entire EP. “Kiss me long but don’t think twice,” Delima sings with a type of swagger that matches the upbeat tone. It’s a bit sassy with great use of background vocals, and horns contributing to the instrumentation really separate this particular tune from the rest of the EP. Delima still shows her range and power as a singer, someone who commands attention, but changes it up a bit with a more pop sounding song.

Rounding out the record is “Unfold Me,” which just happens to be the best track on the EP. Here the only instrumentation to be found is an acoustic guitar, and with Delima’s stripped down vocals at the helm, that’s all one really needs here. It’s sleek but also raw, the most vulnerable Delima appears on the record. “At any moment things could change/so just hold me darling/unfold me/you know I’m yours now tonight.” With lyrics like these how could anyone hear this song and not feel gooey and warm. While there are other love songs on Like You Do, “Unfold Me,” with its bare bones approach, is the most effective, and the bookend that Delima applies to this track make it the perfect note to end the record on.

It doesn’t matter if R&B or soul isn’t your scene, nobody can deny the talent Delima holds and this EP is a testament to the great and impressive career the future holds for her.


Compositions - 8.4
Brekaing Ground - 8.9
Engagement - 9.3
Lyrical Voice - 8.9
Production - 9.1


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