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PÆRISH-The Emerging Alternative Rock Band-Reach Over Two Million Spotify Spins for Their Debut Single “Undone”

PÆRISH-the emerging Paris-based alternative rock band-recently surpassed the two million streams marker on Spotify with their gleaming, riff-roaring debut single“Undone” (averaging 100,000 streams per week) that highlights engagingly mournful vocals and powerfully-driven guitars. The song, released in 2015, has received impressive organic growth as a result of Spotify tastemakers and community support.“Undone”–off the French band’s forthcoming debut full-length album SEMI FINALISTS (release date TBA)–will be featured on Seattle, Washington‘s alternative rock radio station KNDD, also known as “107.7 The End,” starting February 22.

“‘Undone’ was one of the very last songs we composed for the album,” says MathiasCourt (vocals/guitar). “I think it was the quickest song I’ve ever wrote. I had that riff; I didn’t know what to do with it. I started to play [more] riffs one night and I think it was done in one afternoon.”

paerish undoneWith its foundation built on the duel inspirations of music and movies, it practically seems scripted that the original members of PÆRISHMathias Court (vocals/guitar),Martin Dupraz (bass) and Julien Louvion (drums)-would first meet and form as a trio five years ago in a Paris film school, where Court and Dupraz were studying film production and Louvion sound engineering. Initially adopting the name Crackity Flynn, in 2015 the three modified the group’s moniker to PÆRISH (based on the awkward, skinny kid character Alan Parrish in the film Jumanji) and added second guitaristFrédéric Wah.

Universal themes of girls, family and friends are prevalent across the cuts found onPÆRISH‘s first full-length offering, but another overriding leitmotif lies just under the surface, and served as inspiration for the album SEMI FINALISTS and its title track. “I tend to talk a lot about coming to the big city, because Frédéric is from Paris, but the rest of us are not from Paris,” recounts Court. “It’s an important part of the writing, talking about leaving our small cities to come to the big city, and sometimes feeling a bit small in that city, and feeling like you’re not a part of that city. That’s the big theme; feeling like you’re not good enough for living in the big city that is Paris.”

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