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Jessy Hay – London City

Jessy Hay’s first single, London City!

About Jessy Hay

One of the first things that strike you about the talented new phenomenon Jessy Hay is his almost infectious enthusiasm. When asked about his new single, ‘London City’, he replies:

“In March 2014 I was invited to play a show in London. It was my first time there, so I planned to go and see all the famous monuments! However, the weather was terribly bad, so eventually I just stayed in my room, sat at a little old piano and spontaneously a song came up: ‘I went to London City, but I didn’t see the Big Ben’. I feel it wrote itself.”

A year later Jessy Hay was working regularly as a guitarist for producer Gilian Baracs. One day, he sat at the piano in the studio and started singing the song. “What an incredible song it is!” Was Gilian’s first reaction. He suggested to replace ‘Big Ben’ with ‘you’. That was the missing puzzle piece. Anyone can identify with it.

London City is one of those songs that hit you right away. “Everyone who heard it was immediately enthusiastic”. The Australian film production Kitamar & Co immediately offered to shoot a music video, and where else but London?

Jessy Hay (27) grew up in Jerusalem. He learned music and guitar and went to the prestigious Rimon School For Jazz And Contemporary Music, where he won several prizes and scholarships, and graduated after only two years. He then moved to study at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, where he graduated with honors.

Since his graduation Jessy has become a sought-after session guitarist, with amongst others Wicked Jazz Sounds and Big Black & Beautiful. “Musicians in the scene know me as a guitar player, but I’ve always written songs and sung. Already in high school I had a band in which I played my own songs. in the last few years I may have released three Jazz E.P’s, but pop music is something I love as well.”

Meanwhile, a live band has been formed around Jessy consisting of Gilian Baracs on keys, Evert Zeevalkink on guitar, Nick Kamphuis on bass and William van der Krabben on drums. Several song have been recorded for the album, and a second video is in the making. In Jessy’s words, “I can’t wait to share the things we cooked up together, we are ready!”

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