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Faulkner To Release REVANCHIST EP

Bicoastal Indie Rock band Faulkner are gearing up to release their Revanchist EP, but you can check out both their viral hit video, “Revolutionary,” and subversive, New Wave tinged single “These Kids Nowadays” to get a feel for these phenomenal newcomers!

Revanchist, dropping March 5, is only a taste of what fans can expect from the brilliant foursome made up of Lucas Asher, Eric Scullin, Dimitri Farougias, and Christian Hogan.  The EP, produced by none other than Wu Tang Clan’s RZA alongside Mark Needham (The Killers), and JP Bowersock (The Strokes), is a lead up to their much anticipated sophomore LP, due out in April, 2016.

Buy Faulkner’s previous and new releases, including “Revolutionary” and “These Kids Nowadays” on iTunes 


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