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T-Rexz is Hip Hop with a conscious

T-rexz is soon releasing his highly anticipated mixtape/EP “Prehistoric”, this album is sure to be a classic must have. He will have several guest features that will aid T-rexz in making this project a masterpiece. With several big shows and festivals lined up T-rexz is setting the stage to make history.


T-Rexz born Troy Mitchell ascended from the uncharted hip-hop territory of Orlando, fl, He is one of the vetted stars in the local scene. He quickly gained a reputation for his intense rhyme delivery , versatile lyrical content and urban art paintings. His music landed him a deal with the independent label Conscious Mind Records. He is also working on a mixtape titled Prehistoric with the production company Dirty Bakerz. His mixtape features local American Idol runner up J. None.

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