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Bree unleashes the fiery ’18’

Some fiery Nashville power pop for your ears Beth …

BREE – RAW Nashville Musician Of The Year

Bree will release their terminally addictive new single Damn I’m Being Me Again on Werewolf Tunes on March 11th 2016. Ahead of that we have the stream of the power pop kick-in-the-face energy of album track ’18’ to share: 


The East Nashville outfit – CBGBs era Debbie Harry fronting fronting one of the most powerful rock rhythm sections in music city – feature Bree on vocals and guitar, David J Castello on drums and Mark McNeely on upright bass and were selected as the RAW Nashville Musician Of The Year. Nashville itself may be “the home of country music” but on the east side of the Cumberland River it’s anything but: Bree is currently spearheading an indie rock n roll guitar movement in the exploding East Nashville underground music scene that’s spawned bands like The Blackfoot Gypsies, Kansas Bible Company and Alanna Royale and venues such as Basement East, The 5 Spot, fooBar and East Room.

Notes to editors: At the tender age of seventeen, Bree was kicked out of her father’s religious cult in Oregon for “fornication”.  The cult in question, Church Of The First Born, may have originated in the 1700s but it’s still the same fundamentalist faith healing sect that believes “we live to die so we can go to heaven” and it’s still also the sect that indirectly led to the death of Bree’s mother. Dana, who swallowed a needle  – when startled whilst sewing. Her husband’s cult decreed that neither Bree nor her fellow three siblings were allowed to call 911. Instead, they were all bidden to pray, as their mother slowly deteriorated over a period of nine months until she died just before Bree’s seventh birthday.

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