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The Best Music Streaming Services

Times have changed since the era of the Walkman or the personal CD player and the constantly evolving music industry offers many products to keep up with the times. The newest way to listen to music is through streaming services, and there are plenty to choose from. There are many to choose from and they offer differing tracks and fees but these are some of the best.

Songza is an excellent service that allows listeners to pick a mood or situation and to select a playlist. This may be a feature of many streaming services but this one is special as the lists are curated by the people from Songza. This is much more effective than computer selected titles in many instances as the humans behind the site are particularly good at matching the songs to the mood. This could have you selecting playlists from everything from partying to playing in PayPal casinos on www.paypal-casinos.co. The lists are really that diverse and the only way to listen to music on this service is to go by the situation, which will be a plus for some and a negative for others.

The nugs.net app is arguably one of the best to pay a subscription for, as the titles are meticulously selected. These titles aren’t the studio version however, as this streaming service focuses on carefully recorded concerts that have been captured with the best professional equipment possible. This gives listeners the concert feel without a great loss of quality on the audio. They have featured and recommended shows that listeners can use to discover new music and the suggestions are tailored to your likes and dislikes. This all adds up to a fantastic streaming service that really offers something unique when compared to mainstream services like Spotify.

Google Play Music is one of the giants in the sector but this one offers something different. With this service you pay for your digital tracks, much like iTunes, but then you can stream them to any device using a Cloud based service. This can hold up to 20,000 songs which can be found on any device with your credentials. This means that the service is all about what you enjoy and there are recommendations made based on your shopping habits. Alongside these benefits you’ll also be able to listen to artists who didn’t want to partner with Spotify, such as Atoms for Peace.

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