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Album Review: The Veer Union – Decade

Canadian rock group The Veer Union has a new album titled Decade that encompasses the many struggles the band has faced since its inception. The Veer Union has been overhauled in the last four years with new members Amal Wijayanayake on bass guitar and vocals, Ryan Ramsdell on guitar, Dan Sittler also on guitar and vocals, and drummer Tyler Reimer joining vocalist and songwriter Crispin Earl. Decade is a record that marks a pinnacle moment for  the band and it plays smoothly right from the beginning all the way to end.


‘Defying Gravity’ is the opening track for Decade and it is engaging right from the start. The production for this song sets the tone for the entire album and showcases the capabilities of the band as a whole. The harmonies among the vocals are well-balanced, the chorus and verses are juxtaposed rather fluidly throughout the entirety of the song.


The third track ‘You Can’t Have It All’ is a lyrically powerful song that is fun to sing along to while delivering an optimistic message of patience and perseverance. Earl delivers passion in every syllable and the rest of the band is right there just as intensely.


Decade changes the pace with ‘I Said’, an emotionally gripping track. It showcases the vocal range of Earl all the while Wijayanayake and Sittler do a haunting harmony in the background. The drumming is subtle but purposeful and the guitars are actually rather absent. It is an interesting song that would do great on the setlist at shows because it leaves listeners wanting more.


The tempo is picked up again with ‘Make Me Believe’ and this time the guitars are the stars. They are crisp, bright, and ever present throughout the track. The composition for this song is grand and the band plays with well-timed breaks and pauses throughout.


‘The Unwanted’ is the eighth song on the album and it opens with a simple yet fervid riff that is also interjected throughout key points of the track. The final two tracks from Decade are ‘Heart Attack’ and ‘Underrated’ and they end the album on a high note.


This is an album that has been well thought out and was created to be meaningful for the band and its listeners. To learn more about The Veer Union follow them at:

The Veer Union Homepage

The Veer Union on Facebook


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