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Slow Motion Samurai – a 6th by Seattle shoegazers, Red Martian

The slow motion samurai is inconsistent in terms of the tone. It doesn’t have much impact on the listener. If you are the listener, you will just listen to it in a passive manner or simply just for the sake. It doesn’t captivate a listener. The tone is not challenging or it is just very simple. The singer doesn’t have a very good voice. It’s like I’m just listening to a piece of something. It’s like it is irritating to listen to. In the long run, most probably you will get bored. The songs are incomprehensible, distorted, disorganized and doesn’t create a unique music or song to listen to. The songs really need a lot of improvement, in terms of its melody, the singer himself. Nonetheless, it can still improve. They just need have more practice, familiarity with what they are doing as it doesn’t feel like a pro. If you want to get a recording it shouldn’t be of that low quality. You should make sure that you are at least trying to get the listener’s heart. It should be from the heart. It is simply just playing the music with no connection at all to the lyrics. What is important is for the listeners to see the connection between you and the song or else the song will just go down the drain. Playing or singing a song you might say that it is easy. However, it should be considered that everything should be in sync. You should be in sync to the tune, the lyrics; harmony should come from the band. It is like a team wherein you work harmoniously to achieve that goal. You work hard and put yourself into what you are doing. From there, you will be able to get a lot of supporters who you will believe in you and in the passion that you are trying to share with.

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