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Everyone Leaves Release New Single “Seasonal Affective”

Seasonal Affected

Everyone Leaves, a 5-piece alternative rock band from Columbus, Ohio, has just released their brand new single “Seasonal Affective” in an exclusive stream through Alternative Press. It’s a track that’s sure to keep you warm during these cold winter months.

The single’s lyrics were written by vocalist Jacob Bialosky as a way to cope with seasonal affective disorder, a condition he’s suffered from since childhood. He told AP that “With winter approaching, I wanted to put out a song that was, lyrically, an affirmation to myself that I could hold everything together and be there for someone else, laid over an instrumental akin to the calm I felt in the times I’d allow myself to hide in my room all day.”

“Seasonal Affective” kicks off with bassist Aubree Roe’s clear voice painting a quiet and somber mood. In a quick, but seamless transition, Bialosky takes over the vocals right as the chorus explodes in a declaration of strength and support. This song is just as incredibly real and deeply relatable to those who suffer from mental disorders, as it is uplifting and hopeful. The track is full of pro-mental health lyrics such as “I’ll try my best to be the breath you need to blow the dust away,” “I’ll be the calm and steady shoulder for you to rest your head,” and “I won’t let this winter break me, I won’t let this wind erode.” With such powerful lyrics, it’s only fitting that the band’s backing via guitarist and vocalist Jake Ciccotelli, guitarist Dakota Stillion, and drummer Brandon Varney is equally as powerful, making this a song that is guaranteed to be put on repeat.

“Seasonal Affective” comes to us during the middle of Everyone Leaves’ current midwest tour, so get cozy while you stream this single via Alternative Press or Spotify, or pick up a copy for yourself over on iTunes or the band’s Bandcamp page.

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