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RAINY DAY CRUSH is here to crush your rainy days with their new EP Calamity!

It’s been over ten years since the world has heard new music from Rainy Day Crush, and they are back with a smiling vengeance on their EP Calamity! Despite weighing in at only five songs, this EP is packed with sunny goodness. Critics have raved that Calamity! is “freewheeling and delightfully chaotic,” “captivating,” and filled with “stellar musicality,” while Rainy Day Crush have “incredible heart” and an “irrepressibly bright” future.


Hurtling out of the Milwaukee, WI, area in the early 2000s, Rainy Day Crush have had plenty of obstacles to clear before releasing Calamity! They have endured everything from a tour van crash to an extended band breakup they almost never overcame, and everything in between. A reunion show in 2012 brought them back together in a limited capacity, and they slowly but surely got back in the saddle over the next several years. Their efforts have culminated in the 2016 release of Calamity! (and yes, the exclamation point is part of the title).


They describe their sound as Indie Pop Rock, although they will be the first to tell you that the music is “too catchy to be truly ‘indie,’ and too honest to be ‘pop.’


Rainy Day Crush are Betsy Ade (lead vocals), Matt Specht (piano/guitar), Derek Schattl (bass), and Mike Wynn, Jr. (drums). Their live shows are lively (to say the least), and they do not shy away from the challenge of three part vocal harmonies or swapping instruments regularly.


Calamity! is currently available for purchase on BandCamp, iTunes, and other online retailers.

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