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The Mailman’s Children – release hot new video

The Mailman’s Children – release hot new video

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqHQAkWQcxE

The Mailman’s Children (TMC), is a Canadian-American rock band, stationed out of both Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and Helena, MT, USA. Front man Eric Labossiere resides in Helena while the rest of the boys live in Winnipeg. The Mailman’s Children bring a unique brand of acoustic-electric rock to the table. Known for smooth, passionate vocals, driving bass and drums, sonic guitar interplay and thought-provoking lyrics, The Mailman’s Children are visionaries with a fresh sound who somehow incorporate memorable hints of the 80s and 90s.

One year after the birth of TMC in 2000, songwriter and lead vocalist Labossiere had recruited the musician line-up that remains to this day: Joel Couture (Joe C) on bass, Joel Perreault (Joe P) on lead electric guitar and backing vocals, and Ivan Burke on drums. Eddie Vesely recorded drums for the band’s previous 2 studio efforts.

Following a short hiatus, The Mailman’s Children returned stronger than ever with their 3rd studio album “Supply & Demand” in 2013. Their 4th studio release – an EP called “The Spiders We Eat” – was recorded in May of 2014 and released early 2015.

They’ve done numerous TV and radio appearances, and toured much of North America. Capable of turning on their rock show or falling back on their acoustic charm, they’ve played with a variety of acts over the years to include Wide Mouth Mason, The Northern Pikes, Mark Reeves, Sass Jordan, Alannah Myles, Son of Dave (Ben Darvill of The Crash Test Dummies), Roller, Greg MacPherson, Pushing Daisies, Keith and Renee, Sinclair and many more. This is a review of the official video for the track “Ride In Your Mind” from “The Spiders We Eat” EP.

Good bands are hard to find but The Mailman’s Children aren’t short on excellence from what this video has to work with. Not being familiar with them, I can’t be too precise yet but I will be looking into them since reviewing this. The track starts with some bluesy Telecaster and quickly the acoustic guitar comes in and blend great with the arrangement. They’re in a reasonably lit room, but it’s not overly bright, so the visuals are both stunning and dingy, with a real internet age quality to the filming, without it going too cheap looking.

I know it’s not a huge detail but I’ve always been on the fence about such modern wrinkles in film, and I’ve bought and seen a lot of video with that was quite an expense to make something look inexpensive. It’s the only thing I can take away from what is otherwise both a great song and promo clip. These guys play well together, it’s acoustic but also very electric and the vocals are soft but the message delivered powerfully. The layers are many and they all seem to peel effectively.

What a great way to relax whether you’re listening, watching or both. They take you on this “ride” and don’t seem to let go. It has a very well-repeated effect that never tires. It’s cool the way the guitars all interplay around the verses. It has a great build up that way and it even reminds me of a lot of alternative 90s bands without being a thudding rock approach. Perhaps more of their music follows an edgier sound but this is light and pleasing. It’s about getting trapped in happier places where you want be anyway. The rides destination.

The video is well produced and that isn’t always the case, but being an officially released video it should be, so that is also a well-played outcome. The band completely mesmerize by the time it’s over. It’s a momentum thing and they’ve got it down with great songwriting. And there are no moods swings to deal with, as it holds a steady pace. The main drive comes from vocalist Labossiere, and that is always a testament because the backing track usually comes first. His ability to make it sound built around the vocals is a remarkable thing.

The truth is these are all fabulous players that don’t seem to have any ego it’s rather a great musical and personal chemistry and comradery, and if you have the chance to watch them talk about, which I took a glance at as well, you not only feel, but you can really get the vibes they’re sending around. With all of the Americana going around and half of it miss-categorized, they seem to embody all of the elements to be just that and a lot more while clearly defining the modern genre. But make no mistake this is a rock band. It’s just not easy to do, leaving this band larger than the sum of its parts. They really are that good if you’re not into all the stars and studs going around in today’s musical landscape.

This is a track to behold for them, so the right choice for a video. It has put me onto more of them which I can sponge up in small doses, rather than repeat till it burns out. They have a gradual sense about them, and it can take you all the way into them, and I don’t have to know everything they’ve done yet to conclude that much. Hopefully TMC will be around for a long time, especially when they have stayed the same line-up all this time. This official video cut is worth your time and then some.

SONICBIDS: https://www.sonicbids.com/band/themailmanschildren/

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