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Album Review: Renaissance Kids – Another Life EP

Renaissance Kids is a metalcore duo from Denver, Colorado that came together in July of 2015. Experiencing a rebirth after departing from their previous band, members Christian Blakeli and Nikko Vincent combined their talents to create their debut EP Another Life. With the aid of producer Cameron Mizell, the duo have created four tracks that showcase their versatile abilities with Blakeli on drums, keys, and vocals while Vincent is on bass, guitars, and vocals. Another Life opens with “Undertow” which has the makings of typical metalcore attributes, but it occasionally ventures into pop rock territory. The rest of the EP captures more of who they are and delivers an enticing preview of what is to come.


“I Can See Everything” is the second song from the EP and the instrumental delivery is in the same vein of Arizona natives, The Word Alive. The construction of the song is well balanced between the vocals, heavy instruments, and the keyboards. The keyboard breaks throughout the song keep it fresh and help it avoid redundancy.


“Aeviternal” has a melodic digital opening sequence that leads to soft vocal exchanges between the singers. The duo keeps this track light and explores a different side of their musical potential by holding out the aggressiveness for which their genre is known for. It is a simple but well composed hypnotic song.


The final track is “Time Froze and You Set the Fire” and it’s the band’s strongest from the EP. The song is able to captivate the identity of Renaissance Kids at their best and push forward to another level. The mixing of the verse and vocal delay in the chorus is reminiscent of Underoath’s “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door”.

This EP shows the beginnings of a band that is still trying to find themselves as musicians and songwriters while exploring new sounds and combinations. The potential for growth is great and promises for new and exciting material. To learn more about this up-and-coming duo check out their links below.

Renaissance Kids Homepage

Renaissance Kids on Facebook


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