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Review. AnnMarie Fox. Fatal Attraction


AnnMarie Fox is a multitalented singer/songwriter whose youtube videos alone have gotten over two million views, and her latest single “Fatal Attraction” (FT. Jace) is proving just why she is so popular in the online music world.

The song has been described as a “classical pop track,” and it certainly has a classic feel to it. But not just to another time, but instead to another timeless genre: musical theater. The track begins with a sweeping haunting string section that makes way for the piano to enter the picture before Fox shares her superb songstress vocals on listeners.

Fox takes listeners on a ride about a one-sided relationship that right now is only alive in her head. It is clear that she is craving the love of this specific person badly. At first she wonders why she “can’t control this feeling of needing so much” and then later realizes she doesn’t care about control. By the title this could be the textbook case of a fatal attraction, or it could just be a woman who has been timid far too long.

Fox’s voice is the standout champion here as she goes in and out of her lower and upper registers, displaying the complicated emotions and yearnings of a woman in need of love. But the piece would not work if the musicianship behind the voice didn’t tie everything together in a melancholy bow. It soars and descends in just the right moments taking listeners along on this one woman’s journey. As stated before, there is a feeling of theatricality to “Fatal Attraction” most likely due to the the nature of the story the track tells that is universal and seems like it would fit together in a stage production.

Don’t miss out on “Fatal Attraction,” especially if you want to be swept away in good old fashioned storytelling, which at the heart of every song is all we really want and need.



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