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Sex, Drugs, and Lipstick Stains

of Snow’s lead singer takes on a dramatic new role as a solo pop act; and it’s actually damn good. When it was announced Jordan LaFaver would step away from the band to record a pop/r&b album, admittedly many were skeptical. The signature sound that Diary of Snow seemed to find in their 2013 debut album seemed a perfect fit for LaFaver’s vaguely “punk-rock-yet-soothing” vocal range and the group’s silky instrumentation, and a change of pace to more radio-centric pop hits comes with a significant risk.
But sitting here two years later listening to Lipstick Stains, it’s actually hard to believe it’s the same guy. Pairing up with Mantra of the aptly-named BeatsbyMantra, LaFaver and Diary of Snow’s producer NdroidBeats spent an entire half-year producing the hit, and in our opinion it was time well spent. Jordan’s vocals have improved dramatically since the band’s last album, and his new style seems to be a perfect fit. The song breaks another milestone by being the first record released under LaFaver’s label, Snowbound Records.
Already receiving national airplay and good reviews across the board, Lipstick Stains is a warm welcome to what’s shaping up to be a successful solo career for the 23 year old performer. He announced in a Facebook post that the song is the first single of a 5 to 6 song EP that will precede the official album, and if this song is any indication of what’s to come, I just became a fan.

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