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Album Review: Audiotopsy – Natural Causes

Beginning on November 17th, Audiotopsy will be on The Order Of Things Tour, their first tour ever. They will be promoting their debut album Natural Causes, a twelve track record including an interlude and an outro.Considered alternative metal, Audiotopsy has a sound akin to nineties rock. The group is composed of Greg Tribbett on guitar, Matt McDonough on drums, Billy Keeton on vocals and Perry Stern on bass.


Throughout the entire album, the main thing that stood out was the rawness of the vocal delivery. Keeton’s voice is at times a bit excessive, but that is in part due to the mixing of the music in the studio. The band’s sound is very straightforward without any fancy gimmicks or filler effects.



The sixth song, “Swim” starts off differently than the rest of the album. It showcases a different vocal range for Keeton than the previous tracks and the band shines equally with him. Keeton opens with a softer vocal range on the verses, which contrasts the chorus with his screaming style. These breaks make “Swim” stand out from the rest of the album.


“Distorted” is the ninth track and Audiotopsy plays around with their style. The guitar and bass are somewhat more aggressive and McDonough’s drum sequences are better featured throughout the different breaks in the song.


“Frozen Scars” closes the album and is the strongest track from Natural Causes. It balances everyone equally, showcasing the band’s abilities and style from beginning to end.

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