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Gallery & Review: Judas Priest at Prudential Center 11.07.2015

Judas Priest returned to the Garden State this past Saturday night, giving metal fans from the tri-state area a concert they will never forget. The concert was held at Newark’s Prudential Center, which is the home to the New Jersey Devils.

As 9:30pm approached, the excitement inside the venue was building up. The vibe throughout had an electric feel to it. Several minutes past by and the floor to ceiling Judas Priest banner came rumbling down. Rob Halford took center stage and opened up the show with Dragonaut from 2014’s Redeemer of Souls release.

What I enjoyed most about Judas Priest’s performance that evening had to be the song selection. Priest hand selected the set list for this tour and picked favorites from every era. Even though the show had kicked off with a newer song Dragonaut, the second song of the show was Metal Gods. That was proceeded by Desert Plains.

Rob Halford is one of the best, if not the best front man in the business today. He shows absolutely no sign of aging, which literally makes him ageless.  Hell Bent For Leather was played later in the set and Rob Halford kicked off the song by coming out on stage on motorcycle. Showing no signs of aging, Halford sang his heart out, both while on the bike and jumping around on stage. Match this with the guitar skills of Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner and you’ll find your jaw on the floor.

They also saved my favorite songs for the encore. The first encore had Electric Eye and You Got Another Thing Comin’. It was off the charts. Just as I thought the show was coming to an end, I was wrong. It was still going! The guys in Judas Priest came back out to treat us to a second encore. Can you name another band on tour right now that does two encores, each with two songs for a total of four songs? I can’t. The second encore featured Painkiller and Living After Midnight. During Living After Midnight, I lost my voice along with the thousands of other Priest fans, who sang their hearts out.

Bottom line……. If you have the opportunity to see Priest, do it. Don’t ask yourself twice. Rob Halford, the metal god, is sounding better than ever. Add that with the rest of the guys in Judas Priest and you have an impeccable lineup that will challenge modern day bands for years to come.


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