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EP Review: Serengety’s “Metallic Clouds”

Serengety is no stranger to making great music. Her latest EP, Metallic Clouds, proves to be a breath of fresh air. Serengety shares that writing Metallic Clouds was “Like therapy to me,” and it truly shows as it is breathtaking and innovative from start to finish. Her sound spans genres, creating a sound that is equal parts soul, hip-hop, rock and pop. Not only does Serengety skillfully craft each song, but she also produces her own music as well; no small feat.

The 5-track EP is stunning from the very beginning. Opening with the blissful track “Yesterday,” Serengety showcases the range of her vocal styling. A soft but prominent piano plays behind her, as sonic sting instrumentation weaves around her voice. “Cry,” brings a classic soul sound to the record with stunning harmonies and captivating lyrics, which shows a mature side of the songstress.

“Hold You Down,” continues in this vein with a bit of accessible pop nature in the melody and beat. Serengety’s voice is angelic and perfectly conveys her image in the piece. “Go” proves to be a standout track on the EP, which an eclectic beat that brings the song to life. Serengety’s voice is fun and bouncy providing a nice mix of soul, pop and hip-hop to the mix. The “Go Alternate” version on the record is just as fun and intriguing as the original, showing off her skill for blending her style and passions.

Serengety’s Metallic Clouds is a beautifully crafted record, which will have you on the edge of your seat waiting for more. For those who enjoy artists such as Erykah Badu and Nelly Furtado, make sure Serengety is added to your musical obsessions.

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