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Bring Me The Horizon at Rock Allegiance in Philadelphia, PA 10/10/2015

After being led in by In this Moment, Bring Me The Horizon took the stage with Oli Sykes screaming for Pennsylvania to start moving. The stage was set at the inaugural Rock Allegiance in Philadelphia, PA by Monster Energy. Within 30 seconds, the crowd went from anxiously waiting to ravenous as UK’s Bring Me The Horizon opened their set with Happy Song from their new album That’s The Spirit.

After Happy Song had finished and a high pitched wailing of teenage girls was screeched around PPL Park, the band seamlessly jumped into Go To Hell For Heaven’s Sake from their 2012 release Sempiternal. It was at this point the capacity crowd of 30,000 went from invested listeners to a field of battle, and their general Oli Skyes went on commanding them to form the Wall of Death. Only after his approval of enough space being given and enough bodies at the ready did he give the go ahead and as an onslaught of bass drums kick in like a war reenactment.

Bring Me The Horizon had been celebrating the recent success back across the Atlantic Ocean with That’s The Spirit being the number one selling album the week of release. Throughout their seven song set, the band continuously stopped between songs to address just how alive the crowd was and impressed by the showing of people along the Maryland River.

Bring Me The Horizon is currently on the road finishing the remainder of their tour in the United States before returning to Europe in support of their new album. With Rock Allegiance now being confirmed as an annual staple in the Monster Energy annual festival circuit, it is safe to assume that BMTH will return at popular demand.


-Closing their set with Throne and watching Oli Sykes jump for minutes along end while encouraging the crowd to match his pace. They did.

-The simple but effective light bar setup on stage made everything stand out from afar in a metalcore rainbow.



Photos of Bring Me The Horizon at Rock Allegiance.  All photos were taken by Luke Spencer in Philadelphia, PA on 10-10-2015.

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