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Album Review: Spill E.P.

The band Spill have released their self-titled EP through indie label Broken World Media. listening to these songs it’s immediately obvious  that this group’s sound can not be pinned down to one specific genre. Spill plays what they like without the pretence to fit into one style. Originating from Pennsylvania, the members of the band are Brandon Gepfer on vocals and guitar, Andrew Gelburd on guitar, Rafael Diaz on bass, and Marco Florey on drums.


Spill starts off with “Big Boss” and its catchy opening guitar riff. Gepfer’s lyrics are particularly storytelling and his vocal delivery is similar to Sam Endicott’s, frontman of The Bravery. Throughout the song, the life of a bored disenchanted man is recounted with upbeat drums and dense guitars and bass reminiscent of “Man Up” by The Blue Van. Though the song sounds quite buoyant, the lyrics are quite the contrary.


“Collections” is the type of tune that catches your attention right from the beginning if you are into fast, simple, and straight-to-the-point music. It does not try to impress you with extraordinary musicianship, it just wants you to have fun and forget about the immediate surroundings for its entirety.


Spill took a completely different approach for their third track, “Sucks Either Way”. The tempo is slowed down and the instrumentalization is much less aggressive and more melodic. The lyrics relay the the bitter-sweet realization of growing up and being unsatisfied with all of the options and choices the protagonist must make as an adult.


The opening for “Don’t Wanna Know What I Wanna Know” is a simple chord that repeats over a rhythmic drum that allows for the bass to shine through. This track could easily be one of the EP’s best and most memorable. The chorus lends itself to be a sing along favorite for fans.


The EP closes with “Pretend For Our Friends”  a song that contrasts heavy, lingering notes for all the instruments that surround the vocals. For most of the song Gepfer transitions his voice between half singing and half speaking and seems like he’s being drowned out. Towards the end of the song all parts of the band come together to end the album with strong unison.


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