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Notable Notes 2015. Song: London Girl. Artist: Brooke White


One half of online bloggers The Girls with Glasses, and season seven American Idol alumni, Brooke White is giving back on her latest album release Never Grow Up.The whole L.P. is about the innocence of childhood, as White explained to her fans via Instagram. “It’s the everlasting hope, the discovery in curiosity, the power of imagination and the childlike innocence that makes us alive.”

All proceeds from purchasing Never Grow Up go to Operation Underground Railroad which helps rescue children from slavery according to their Instagram page. With the theme of children in mind, White teamed up with several artists including her Idol friends David Archuleta and her Jack and White musical partner Jack Matranga, to deliver lullaby tunes. However the track that stands out the most is a solo venture.

On “London Girl” White sings candidly about her young daughter London, and the dark times she went through before London was born. “I’ve had my broken pieces/waited for you for so long.” White is especially frank and poetic throughout the song but never more than in the line “June gloom brought days of darkness/but then we played ‘Here Comes the Sun’”

Though this song focuses on White’s personal experience and love for her daughter, instead of talking about the wonderment of a child in general, it makes “London Girl” stand out even more. There’s the simple but delicate and pure melody that White is known for, her sweet voice that adds to the earnest nature of the tune, as well as the acoustic guitar all helping to deliver one of the most authentic tracks of 2015.

You don’t have to be a parent to enjoy “London Girl,” you don’t even have to be familiar with White’s life. This is true singer/songwriter material that anyone with a heart would gladly smile listening to.


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