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Femme Fatale Friday: “Brooklyn Baby! La Nena Mena”

La Mena NenaA Domincan proverbs reads as follows, “Si el destino lanza un cuchillo a usted, hay dos formas de captura de él : por la cuchilla o por el mango.” Translated, means, “If destiny throws a knife at you, there are two ways to catch it: by the blade or by the handle.” La Nena Mena has taken the harsh attacks from what her past realities has thrown her way, caught it by the handle, and is in full command of her future. And she is holding on tight with a firm grip and not taking no for an answer.

La Nena Mena, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York; believed that her path in the entertainment world was laid out for her. Her mother named her after Samantha Fox,  a singer-songwriter, actress and model. La Nena Mena's Dominican-Puerto Rican heritage exposed her to soulful music like Bachata, Merenge, and Salsa inspiring her to dance. Influenced by her environment, she easily adapted a hustlers mentality; shifting between Rhode Island, Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio. Originally relocating as a Rapper, Singer/Songwriter, La Mena Nena currently resides in “the New Hollywood”, that is, Atlanta, Georgia. She has since added to her entertainment resume with the titles of Actress; acting in film, television, and web dramas. La Mena Nena 2

The Dominican-PuertoRican beauty's story didn't begin as brightly as it has become. As a child, she had become a ward of the state, being raised in a group home as a child. The traumatic conditions in which she was forced to grow up in lead her to express herself in both poetry and stories. Her feelings of inadequacy, displacement and loneliness led her to express herself on paper, the only medium where she felt free to. 

Naturally, this blossomed in to a desire to expand into music, and theater. Unafraid to share her gifts, she has written all of her own music as well as for other indie artist in the music industry. Her natural beauty has drawn opportunities to be featured in three music videos and has made her comfortable shooting her very own. La Nena Mena's single, “You Ain't Ready”, an east coast influenced rap 
 single, is currently available on iTunes for download to all of her fans. la nena mena 5

Taking her skills in front of the camera a step further, La Nena Mena pushed her theatrical desires harder. La Nena Mena has been cast as a “hit woman” in an up and coming series by Jay Blesz, entitled, “Pool Of Criminals”. She has also been cast as an “Agent” in a series, “The Pugilist” by David F. Smith.

La Nena Mena credits her musical admiration and inspirations to the late, great Selena, Aaliyah, and  Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez. She is also inspired by Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, The Whtie Stripes, One Republic, Beyonce, Biggie, Jay-Z and Lil Kim. La Mena Nena 4

La Nena Mena currently resides in Atlanta and is open to opportunities to further utilize her talents! Check her out on her web page: www.LaNenaMena.com  for new music, tour updates and more!


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