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Jimmy Cozier Releases New Music Singles, “Choose Me” feat. Shaggy & “Girls, Girls”

The first time I heard Jimmy Cozier’s voice I was a teenager, smothered in awe and admiration of both he and Alicia Key’s collaboration song, “Mr. Man” on her platinum debut album, Songs in A Minor. I didn’t know who this timeless voice belonged to. I had never heard of the Brooklyn born artist before then. His incredible voice, it was so distinctive, soulful and sultry. I could hear versatility and a bright future speeding towards him. I remember an old friend of mine being a huge fan of his, clearly knowing more of his resume than I had, saying, “Man, I wish he would release more work, he’s so good…”

Little had I known Jimmy Cozier,  had been a songwriter for Mya, Sinhead O’Connor, Olivia, Cheri Dennis, Janet Jackson and has provided back up vocals for the Junior Mafia’s artist, Lil’ Kim on “Backstabbers”.  I do not doubt that there has been more artist he’s worked with that I have yet to discover! I hadn’t heard any music from Jimmy Cozier after “Mr. Man” for sometime, until today.

Whatever the reason we’ve haven’t heard as much from the illustrious Mr. Man, Jimmy Cozier, we’re extremely happy to have stumbled across these new music releases from this incredible artist. “Girls, Girls” and “Choose Me”, featuring the versatile crossover artist that brought us the popular cheater’s anthem, “It Wasn’t Me”, Shaggy.

“Girls, Girls” sounds like a feel good infusion of Reggae and R&B, laced with the lush, and cozy vocals of Jimmy Cozier. This is the smoothest I’ve ever heard a man on a Reggae song since Beres Hammond. I adore the introduction that brings back the nostalgia of 90’s Reggae’ s mega star, Shabba Rank’s, “Trailer Load”. Jimmy  pays a respectable homage to the artist by chanting, and placing a unique flair on it as he did with the entire Reggae ballad,

“Girls, Girls everyday/From London, Canada to USA/ Girls, Girls everyday from Brooklyn straight down to Jah-A”

He later sends a loving shout out to Miami, using  M-I-A as an acronym for the popular city. The hook is extremely catchy,

“No rules will apply we get cozy tonight/When we turn off the lights/Girl get ready for the Ride/ You feel good, you feel good, you feel good girl/ You know just what to do when you do girl/No Rules will apply when we get cozy tonight”.

The lover in Jimmy Cozier’s voice sets the mood for true romance and intimacy. This sweet and easy listen of a single makes a single girl want to fall love again, just to be romanced to this song. It is my prayer that every basement party from Brooklyn to Jamaica is playing this single out towards the close of the summer, and into the warmth of our lover’s arms during in the cold winter months.

In the single, “Choose Me”, Shaggy ushers in the Dancehall track with a familiarity and confidence we’ve long missed. Following shortly after, Jimmy Cozier brings in his hypnotic vocals, crooning to some very lucky, beautiful lady, who he makes clear has many options of  choosing a mate when it fancies her appetite. What sensible woman would resist Jimmy’s pleas to choose him?

“Choose Me Forever/Baby I’m yours – Are You Ready?/Choose Me, Forever/Baby I’m Yours – Are You Ready?/ You Gotta, You Gotta, You Gotta Choose Me/ You Gotta, You Gotta, You Gotta Choose Me/You Gotta, You Gotta, You Gotta Choose Me”.

She loves the attention, she loves being in demand! Jimmy sings to her with such clear, and ravenous pursuit towards the object of his affections. Shaggy re-enters after two verse of intense vocals, reaffirming his undying loyalty and devotion to the lovely lady; stating that he understand that she enjoys her freedom and selective approach in choosing the right man, but declaring he is the right one for her.

Both songs are an enjoyable listen, reintroducing us to two artist that we’ve all loved from the start of their careers. Fans have expressed their excitement for Jimmy Cozier and Shaggy’s new single on Soundcloud with comments of adoration. Maybe my vote is biased because I’m just a helpless romantic, I personally love “Girls, Girls” and have had it on replay for the last hour. Although, I can say, “Choose Me” is growing on me fast! Which ever single you head nod to, or whine to the hardest, we are all looking forward to downloading the singles, “Girls, Girls” and “Choose Me” via iTunes.

Check out the singles now on Soundcloud:

Click this link to hear: “Girls, Girls” (clean edit)

Download “Girls, Girls” via iTunes (both clean/explicit versions available)

Click this link to hear: “Choose Me” feat. Shaggy

Download “Choose Me” feat. Shaggy via iTunes

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