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New Jersey dissonant death metallers Dystrophy spawn a Wretched Host

Like all the best aural descents into madness, this one has taken its time to ready itself for another level of technical insanity, but now on a much darker plane. It’s time for Dystrophy to showcase the latest step in evolution, their 2nd LP Wretched Host.

Wretched Host is an exploration of one of the most terrifying experiences a human can undergo: that of losing control of your mind. Tracks like “Singularity” and the title track explore the intense panic of realizing you have this disease, while tracks like “Exoparasite” and “Nadir” explore the stifling feeling of loneliness and fear of the unknown while you struggle to make sense of the world around you, and ultimately losing control to the disease.

Wretched Host is now available for purchase via the band’s website.

Praise for Dystrophy:
Everything is used to enhance that dissonant tone that always feels like a slow march to the grave, every black hole dive bomb of a downtuned riff taking you one step closer to oblivion.” – Toilet Ov Hell

Wretched Host superbly blends a love for old school/brutal death metal with a modern dissonant complexity, and in the process, Dystrophy have created a sub-niche within the avant-death realms as of yet unexplored.” – No Clean Singing

Much of the album plays out in dissonant waves, bending and ripping in unexpected directions and through twisted experiments… The music could often be considered alien to our feeble human ears, truly acting as a “Wretched Host” as we move through with our parasitic hearing apparatus.” – The Circle Pit

Dystrophy are:
Greg Bueno – Vocals, Bass
Peter Brown – Guitar
Peter Lloyd – Guitar
Matt Thompson – Drums

Dystrophy online:
Official Webiste

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