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Album Review: My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure – Seeker

My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure also known as MCSA, have released their debut full length album titled Seeker. MCSA is a quintet American pop punk band hailing from Pennsylvania. The new album is composed of ten tracks that take the listener on a roller coaster ride of nostalgia. With its crisp and bright composition, Seeker would best be listened to on a road trip. It has an ample supply of catchy sing-along choruses and verses, which gives it the capacity to fit in well with the golden era of pop punk.


The band manages to make their debut album the summer soundtrack of lost love with ‘I Lost Again.’ The guitar tunes carry the story of a young man who feels compelled to explain how even though it might not be with him, his former partner will find true love in time. A song that might remind some of heartbreak, also offers hope with its lyrics. The synth-like effect in the breakdown separates this piece from the rest of the album in a quirky fun way.


Seeker starts off with the strong intention of making its presence known, and as the album progresses it becomes more melodic and bolder at the same time. While the first two tracks have a similar cadence, ‘Miles To Go’ shows a different side to the abilities of the group with a more upbeat rhythm and ode to the rock and roll of yesteryear. The drumming structure and organ notes woven  throughout the track allow for the singer’s harmony to be appreciated a lot easier.


Where My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure shows further musical abilities is with their track titled ‘War’. Any song with the word “war” in its title would make anyone think of heavy musical composition and possible screams of victory or defeat. However, this piece is nothing like the aforementioned. It is a well written and structured ballad where every note has a purpose. ‘War’  has an instrumental build-up in the second half that is leveled perfectly at the end with the last verse.


While listening to ‘Collapse’ it is easily understandable why pop punk is such a well liked genre. All the right ingredients are mixed together with this song, quick guitars, in your face drumming, and emotive lyrics that are easy to sing along to. This is definitely the band’s radio hit.


‘Ticking’ is the album’s weakest track not because of content but, because of awkward mixing. The song had real potential to drive the message home with its lyrics making the listener aware that time is always moving and should not be wasted; yet all that transcends is how the voice was given too much echo. The piano intro was captivating but, not enough to keep interest for the rest of the song the second time around.


Fans who grew up listening to this genre will relish the fact that it’s still very much alive and well in My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure for the newer generations to appreciate. Seeker holds its own amongst the likes of The All American Rejects, The Academy Is and Jimmy Eat World. If any of the aforementioned are in your collection, Seeker is a must.


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