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Seven Da Pantha releases “A Rider”

7pantha Before his relocation to the West coast, Winston-Salem based rapper, Seven Da Pantha releases a new single entitled, “A Rider”, produced by Kwest from the up and coming album Kwest 4 Greatness. “A Rider” carries a nostalgia that went missing so long ago in Hip Hop but seems to be  a reemerging element in the genre in 2015. Seven Da Pantha delivers his bars passionately and with transparency on Kwest’s rhythmic instrumental as the two entities well complement the other.sevendapantha1

When I first heard this track, I was pulled in by the violins (I’m a sucker for those) but upon further analysis, I heard lines like this: “Trapped between the blocks and a higher belief/I need sleep…” Extremely powerful things are being communicated in this song. Seven is speaking for a generation of people that struggle between the naivety of hope and the worldly principles of hoping they fight back against the oppression they are forced to face every day. Seven Da Pantha makes it clear that regardless of the conflict that he faces, he is a ‘Rider’ equipped to run his race, and can face what ever comes to the best of his ability. This isn’t your every day “party track”, it isn’t “cookie cutter” song nor is it a “gangsta rap”  track. What it is, is awfully refreshing to hear that rap a artist, especially indie rap artist, is paying attention and speaking up for their rights and that of their community.  This song is significant in today’s times and needs a genuine ear to hear and appreciate the message its offering to share. A great artist upholds the duty to capture the state of society and communicate in their medium of expression, Seven Da Pantha did that successfully.  Take a listen now for yourself!





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