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EP Review- “Beautiful Tuesday”- Mardi Belle

Hailing from Indiana, alternative rock band Mardi Belle is making their debut with the EP Beautiful Tuesday.

Beautiful Tuesday is an impossibly catchy EP, with accessible guitar riffs and impressive amounts of energy coming from behind the drum kit. Mardi Belle have most definitely garnered their musical inspiration from many a band, with the track “Go” almost sounding as if it could’ve been performed by a Strokes cover band. The opening chords draw a striking similarity to many a Strokes tune; and at first, the frontman of Mardi Belle even seems to channel Julian Casablancas’ signature vocal style.

However, as the track progresses, a refreshing originality is infused into the song, courtesy of the Mardi Belle frontman’s rasping voice that seems to transcend the borders of the alternative rock genre. But, “Go” seems to be the only track where that strong and unique vocal performance makes an appearance. “Wolves” is a tad difficult to stomach, as the vocals are much too forced and abrasive for the mild and chiming guitar melodies that are paired alongside them.

The lyricism on Beautiful Tuesday teeters on the verge of being quite stirring and poignant, yet it suffers from slightly tired and uninspired undertones. Lines such as; “Well don’t talk to me preaching/ I won’t fall to my knees” get the job done, yet they’re not much of a departure than what we’ve all heard before in the realm of alternative rock. Throughout the EP, it feels as though Mardi Belle could have almost created something poetic, but they’re just slightly out of reach.

“Killzone” seems to be the standout track of Beautiful Tuesday. It’s sentimental and strangely touching, but doesn’t rely on the maudlin sad-sack method of writing a borderling gloomy song with implementing downtrodden, slow melodies, but instead getting the point across with a few strong lyrics, but not dragging the listener down by still keeping an upbeat tempo.

Although catchy and easy to move to, with a few standout tracks, Beautiful Tuesday suffers from off-putting vocal performance, and doesn’t bring much to the table that we haven’t heard before.

Overall: 7.8/10

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