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Jacob Denzel & Charity Croff of ArchDuke

ArchDuke Releases Official Video”Ama Be Happy” featuring Jenee Jones

You know what makes this single and video so cool? Its so on time.

ArchDuke’s single, “Ama Be Happy”  from their new album, Concrete Garden, has been a personal affirmation for so many people this year and what a great anthem for anyone out there looking to be happy and be good in all things. You can’t help but notice that the single has such a timeless element and universal truth to it. The lyrics and melody are easily adopted for the listener and the ambiance of the track is so inviting, even for those listeners that aren’t familiar with the emerging Blend Music genre. This is an awesome gateway track that no matter what your color, creed, or gender is happiness should be yours. If you aren’t happy before you hit play….you will feel a hell of a lot better after you take a listen!

The official video “Ama Be Happy” was shot and edited by Domi ‘Fifth Element’ V (whose catalog can be found on his site: www.domiv.com).

If you are interested in downloading this musical gem to your playlist, the single “Ama Be Happy” can be found along with the entire Concrete Garden album on Soundcloud: ArchDuke: “Concrete Gardern” Album

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