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Tame Impala – Currents

Today, the most gorgeous album of the years has been released. Australian alternative-electro band Tame Impala’s third studio album Currents is the absolute best alternative release of the year.

Front man and founder Kevin Parker has created a beautifully emotional masterpiece. The minimalist electronic sound is a relatively new for Tame Impala, but I must say it is just as much of a success as their previous, more psychedelic rock, albums.

The waves of sound and hypnotizing voices make this album revolutionary for the band. Lyrics are very direct, but not blunt, and address the troubles of heartbreak and moving on after relationships. Every track is grounded, genuine, realistic and wonderfully captures the melancholy and nostalgia of lost love. It puts a full perspective on heartbreak, going from right before separation, to years after and all the mixed emotions that are constant throughout and those that change drastically.

The super synth and strong percussion fuse with Parkers echoing vocals to make the album a minimalist symphony of sounds. It’s so hard to pick out just a few songs that really stand out. The first single “Let It Happen” is an incredible journey that I have already dedicated an entire post to here. The fourth single “Eventually” is another highlight for sure. and “Yes I’m Changing” is life changing… but so is “The Less I Know The Better.” The entire album is just a masterpiece.

Tame Impala has no shortage of awards as it is, and this will only make them even more renowned. The only bad news is that the best album of the year is here, so I don’t expect a better album to come out for the rest of the year.


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