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Three Day Millionaires- EP Review

Three Day Millionaires is a fresh punk rock outfit from Hull, England, consisting of Danny Harrison (vocals), Adam Pyrah (guitar), Nick Milner (guitar), and Jamie Dean (drums).

Not exactly newcomers to the hardcore scene, as former members of Freaks Union, The Living Daylights, Outspoken Silence and Vultures in Vivid Colours, their veteran status comes through in their spirited new self-titled EP. Three Day Millionaires could easily draw comparisons to the likes of Rise Against and Bullet for my Valentine, with their accessible guitar riffs and in-your-face vocals.

Their latest single; “Behind These Eyes”, starts off the EP on a good foot. Although short and sweet in length, it packs enough punch to prime you for what’s to come. As soon as one hears Harrison’s rasping vocals and Dean’s energetic drum cymbal crashes, it’s impossible not to nod your head to the beat, punk-rock fan or not.

Moving past the first track, each following song seems to be filled with angst and grit; much more emotionally-charged than the bopper that is Behind These Eyes. Even though it would take some serious dedication to try and decipher many of the lyrics, it’s worth trying to make out what Harrison is screaming. Some tracks, such as “Bridges”, pack a real punch, lyrically.

“The Charmer” is an incredibly strong finisher, one of Harrison’s strongest vocal performances on the EP. It’s also a surprisingly tender track, if one dares to delve beneath its heavy metal exterior, with lyrics such as: “I didn’t catch your name/ Or what you studied, or your favorite place”.

All in all, Three Day Millionaires have proven their worth with their first EP, demonstrating that a heavy metal record can also be surprisingly poignant.

Album rating: 8/10

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