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f r a n s k i l d “Keep On Going” (Valentino Kanzyani remix)

If you’re not a newbie in the never ending game of beatmatching and scratching, you probably know Valentino Kanzyani doesn’t really understand the meaning of words limit, border and purism. He is one of the founding fathers of Slovenian techno, but that never really stops him from throwing one of his gourmet house sets. Or anything in between that he finds fresh at the time. Today he puts his own techno touch on franskild’s single “Keep On Going”!

f r a n s k i l d is a name you’ll be hearing in a multitude of ways in the coming months and seasons with their brand of dreamy, mysterious mix of weird and wonderful house music. There’s no formula, no genre and no band they’re trying to mould themselves into. According to Mixmag “Their sound is melancholic, dreamlike, house music”

Connect with franskild:
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Connect with Valentino Kanzyani:
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