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My cousins Murv and Sondra helped me put this song together with a couple of poems, a guitar, and a keyboard piano. Murv asks “What are you trying to tell the world?” I replied “I want to sing about traveling and living in the moment.” Then Murv asks “How is travelling for you unique?” I replied “Because when I travel, I go back in time.” I like how simple things used to be. I don’t want people to think that they have to settle for what’s been given. Create your world, don’t let the world create you. Step out of your comfort zone and optimize your potential. We put the song together in a day. It’s called Break. Red Dress – Bebe. Shoes – Converse All Stars. Contacts – Comic-Con exclusives.

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Stephen Vicino is the founder of MusicExistence.com. He created this site to give talented musicians a voice and a way to be discovered.

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