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San Cisco @ The Black Cat – 06/30/15

indie pop group San Cisco released their second album Gracetown four months ago. I have certainly been overplaying it since it came out, each song has such individual value. check out my review of the album here.

On a quick side note, the opening band MOTHXR, which features actor Penn Badgley as their lead man, was super fun and worth a look. Their song “Easy” here.

I had the pleasure of seeing San Cisco live at the Black Cat in Washington DC on June 30th. I took my little brother who turned 17 that day and we of course had a great time hearing our favorite songs from the album preformed flawlessly by the energetic young band.

The best part of seeing San Cisco is their friendliness towards fans, always hanging around after shows to sign shirts and autograph posters. I got a few signatures and a picture with the gorgeous drummer/vocalist Scarlett Stevens, and lead man Jordi Davieson.

The band preformed perfectly, playing an extremely satisfying mix of old and new songs. But the show was relatively short and the band didn’t engage the audience as much as they did the last time I saw them (in 2013). They were coming to the end of their tour and I’m sure they were exhausted of preforming, but they still met every expectation musically.

Highlights of the show were when Scarlett came to center stage to do her duet for “Super Slow” and the grand finale performance of “Fred Astaire.”

If you get the chance to see them live, go for it. Be sure to stay after to get signatures and pictures with the band.

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