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Treason This – Always Perfect EP

Treason This - Always Perfect

Score 10/10

URL: http://treasonthis.com

Every once in a while, you come across a new, young band that makes you think, “Wow, these guys are really talented!” Treason This has talent by the bucket loads, and I find it so incredibly refreshing to see young musicians making a name for themselves. From the brilliant lyrics to the melodies that speak of experience beyond their years, the seven-track Always Perfect EP is a must-have for any indie or pop punk fan.

Treason This is an indie/pop punk four piece band out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin that started off in 2011 as an acoustic duo with Michael Ingle on vocals and Chris Merisalo on guitar. The two graduated high school and set out on tour in early 2014, adding bassist Jordan August and drummer Zach Zander to their lineup later that same year. The band is incredibly excited to release their third EP on June 30th with a fresh take on their sound.

Always Perfect starts off with the soft, acoustic styling of “A Farewell Not One-Sided”. The band kicks up the pace at the 50-second mark with that ever-familiar pop punk sound that reminds me of Simple Plan. Ingle’s vocals are quite pleasing to listen to and his interesting lyrics are prominently featured throughout the EP. “I Hate You Please Die” is next up on Always Perfect, where the swinging rhythm and melodies combine with lyrics that speak about reaching your limit and cutting loose those who are constantly a drag on your life. Treason This takes us into a kind of interlude with the acoustic short “Knife of the Month”. Here, the band gives an look into  how they started out, with some truly controversial topics. The EP’s single, “Moviegoers Dilemma” turns the pace back up. Some may say that the song is wordy, but I find it infectious and catchy as hell, and found myself singing along after my third listen. The theme from “I Hate You Please Die” carries over in this song, as it conveys the struggle in trying to break free from parasites that you used to care about. I can’t get enough of strong lyrics, and Ingle definitely delivers in “The Dangers In Shades and Lines”. The song starts off as a ballad, but kicks back into that pop punk pace at the 1:46 mark. Many people, if not everyone, have felt as though the world was against them, beating them down despite trying their best to stay strong. This number is an anthem to anyone who’s ever identified with the line “So ask me how I’m feeling, I’ll say ‘defeated.'” “Suede (88.87)” is a beautiful acoustic number, and Ingle’s unwavering vocals convey the deep emotion found in this track perfectly. Always Perfect wraps up with “A Disgrace To The Dead”, and Ingle really shows how well his vocals can convey strong emotion.

I really can’t wait to see what these guys do next. Already, after having Always Perfect on repeat, I’m craving more. Indie/pop punk fans are going to want to add this EP to their collection. Head on over to Treason This’ website to preorder Always Perfect, but check out the music video to “Moviegoers Dilemma” and stream the EP while you wait for June 30th to roll around.

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