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Mercy Brown Unveil Song For Free Download Exclusively at PureGrainAudio

Genre-bending metallers Mercy Brown have unveiled one of the songs from their hotly-tipped self-titled début album, a stormer entitled ‘Codependent’ which sees vocalist Sera Hatchett croon and shriek over the deafening roar of death metal. An incredible track that sums up just one facet of the band’s multifarious sound. Lunden Herndon puts in a phenomenal drum performance, especially in his quick footwork, while guitarist and bassist Chris Tanaka and Josh Schultz tie things off with some powerful riffing.

PureGrainAudio commented, “A lot of groups say they’re “unique,” “original,” or “new,” but you know what, these guys actually are. Sera Hatchett (vocals), Chris Tanaka Canwell (guitar), Josh Schultz (bass), and Lunden Herndon (drums) have a ton of varying influences and manage to blend them all into Mercy Brown’s music.

Check out the song here: http://puregrainaudio.com/audio/mercy-brown-codependent-exclusive-free-song-download


Spokane, WA, outfit Mercy Brown are a fascinating band. Blending a bewildering array of influences, from the cavernous doom of Inter Arma to a blackened death metal roar, their sound is honestly only succinctly summed up as ‘metal’. Forming in February 2010, they first made ears prick up with their self-titled EP in March 2012, which was quickly put in radio rotation and picked up the band some high-profile gigs; the band have played shows with Machine Head, Mushroomhead, 3 Inches of Blood, Castle, Hanzel und Gretyl, Lord Dying, Witch Mountain, and The Atlas Moth.

Their début self-titled album (to follow the self-titled EP) was released just recently, and has already received some strong praise from across both sides of the pond.

Mercy Brown are:
Josh Schultz – Bass
Lunden Herndon – Drums
Chris Tanaka Canwell – Guitars
Sera Hatchett – Vocals


Mercy Brown online:
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/mercybrownofficial
Instagram – https://instagram.com/MercyfulBrown/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/MercyfulBrown

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