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Post Paradise release hot new single

Post Paradise release hot new single

Artist: Post Paradise
Genre: Indie rock

Primary URL: http://www.postparadiserock.com/

‘Ordinary’ the latest single by the Colorado quartet, Post Paradise. The band is known for delivering numbers in the alternative and indie-rock genres. The band members include, Amy Morgan on the cello, Nick Duarte for the vocals, Mark Roshon on the drums and Chris Santolla on bass guitar. Post Paradise has gained quite the popularity around the Colorado music scene. The band’s vocalist, Nick is the Musical Ambassador for the Colorado Board of Tourism and has also done commendable work for the Colorado board of local music organization, SpokesBUZZ.

The alternative rock music that the band is known for producing usually appeals to the young adults and budding rock aficionados. The band appears to stick to the conventional form of music, rather than experimenting with something unusual. Familiarity happens to be the band’s best suit. The track starts off with some simple yet great mixes and the vocals drive the track to its best. The beginning is essentially ordinary and isn’t all that spectacular, but once the song goes, it surely does grow on you. The lyrics are definitely the best aspect of the track, which honestly compliment the vocals and drive the track to its destined perfect tone. As the song proceeds, you can’t help but be surprised by the improvement in the composition. But to truly assess the song, one always looks at the uniqueness of the song, and just like the title of the song, it is merely ordinary. The track doesn’t really have the wow factor in it, and you certainly wouldn’t remember to switch on to the track while on your playlist. Despite its very familiar rhythm, of the composition, the track, in isolation is definitely worth listening to. The way the artist delivers the vocals, trying his best to show that the track is indeed is extraordinary, definitely pays off. There is some sort of consistency throughout the track, which is appealing indeed.

Although, the music is very is predictable and familiar, it is the vocals that bring the track back to life, in a way that is unmatched by all other aspects. The single comes across as a blend of various emotions of the band, if one does look at it from a certain angle. It can be truly appreciated for what it is, if one tries to view the track individually. The track, at the end of the day, is a brilliant composition.

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/postparadise

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ordinary-single/id997525890

Rating: 7/10

by Mindy McCall

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